Category: Headphone Amplifiers

Desktop and portable, including tube, solid-state amplifiers for full-sized headphones and in-ear monitors.

Schiit Audio Magni 3

Schiit Audio announces the Magni 3

In a long chapter post in the Schiit Happened thread on Head-Fi, Jason Stoddard announced the Magni 3, replacing both the standard and Uber models with a much better circuit and pressed aluminium casework...

Audio-gd R2R 11

Audio-gd R2R 11 announced

Not too long ago I had the privilege of announcing the new Audio-gd R2R 7 flagship resistor ladder DAC. I’ve long enjoyed the sound from these kinds of DACs, but never thought I’d be able...

ALO Audio Continental V5

A few years ago I remember meeting Ken Ball at one of the Tokyo headphone festivals when he had announced the RX3-B balanced portable headphone amp. All the rage at the time, the amp...