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FiiO FH5

FiiO FH5 IEM Review

Video Review of the FiiO FH5 Introduction FiiO was interested in having me check out their new flagship IEMs, the FH5. Brooko has also reviewed these, and you can read his take on them...

Soundaware P1 and Focal Utopia

Soundaware P1 Review

As the first in a series of reviews of headphone amplifiers and related components I’ll doing video reviews of over the coming months, the Soundaware P1 sits firmly in the middle between less expensive,...

iFi Pro iCan Pro iDSD and Focal Utopias

iFi Pro iCan Review

For some time I have been interested in iFi’s products, though never made it around to reviewing them. After some discussion with the company, they offered to send me a Pro iCan for review,...

Audio-gd R28

Audio-gd R28 DAC/amp When I first joined Head-Fi in search of new headphones, it was rare to find a combined DAC/amp. The ones I recall, made by HeadRoom (which has recently been bought out by

Focal Clear

Focal Utopia, Clear and Elear on sale.

For a limited time, trade in any headphones at to get a massive discount off a pair of Focal Utopias, Clears or Elears. You’ll also help support this site. Focal Trade-in Event Focal...

FiiO FH5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO have been very busy in the portable audio world of late, and it seems like only a short time ago they debuted their F9 series, and then followed up with a more...